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Reb, Artist

Reb has been tattooing since 1997, learning the craft from tattooer and custom machine builder, Dave Riegel. Reb is a solid all-around tattooer who is capable of many styles, but has a love for American Traditional and dark image Black and Grey tattoos. Reb is more than happy to fulfill your tattoo aspirations, from a simple name on the wrist, to a full custom sleeve or backpiece.​​

Myles McCain, Artist

Born and raised in Columbus, Myles fell in love with tattoos from a young age even though it wasn’t accepted in his home. He finished his apprenticeship under Kevin Lee in February of 2013. Myles enjoys doing traditional and neo-traditional tattoos the most, although he can do other styles. If you like video game and comic related art then he’s your guy.

Jerm, Artist

Commonly regarded in most circles as the first professional Mennonite tattooer, Jerm started his apprenticeship in Dayton Ohio in the early 2000’s. Raised on a steady diet of cheap Appalachian speed and punk unrest, Jerm is fluent in a wide swath of styles. He gravitates towards heavy traditional, black, and illustrative tattoos. Like a jackhammer, he’s in there with some pressure. By the time he’s done, you’re not the same. You’re changed.

Charlie Campanella, Artist

Charlie has been tattooing since 2015. Hailing from Oklahoma, he traveled to the heart of Ohio, landing himself in Columbus to learn the craft. He acquired an apprenticeship in October of 2013 under Joey Knuckles, owner of High Street Tattoo. Best known for his Practice in the style of Bold American Traditional tattoos, his work reflects folk themes combined with a vibrant color palette. Still being proficient in most styles, he gives his complete attention and focus to every tattoo from any subject matter.

Chris, Shop Manager